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Assault and Battery Statistics

Statistics for Assault and Battery

Both assault and battery are terrible crimes which cause victims both physical and mental pain and can lead to a lifetime of distress. On a daily basis across the United States, thousands of people become victims of assault and battery. Under Personal Injury Law, even though assault and battery is a criminal act, victims of assault and battery may be entitled to financial compensation. USA Lawsuit Loans is your solution if you have a pending assault and battery lawsuit and need a lawsuit loan.

The statistics below are related to assault and battery and were compiled by USA Lawsuit Loans. Since a large number of incidents of assault and battery go unreported, we feel it’s important to remind you that the statistics below are just estimates.

• In 2010, 18% of felony convictions in the 75 largest counties were violent offenses.
• There are over 500 sexual assaults and rapes each day in the United States.
• More than two million women are injured in domestic violence incidents each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
• Annually in Florida, over 100,000 people are arrested for assault and battery.
• The highest rate of assault and battery charges in the country is in New Orleans.
• Medical expenses from domestic violence total 3 to 5 billion dollars each year.
• 33% of high school students are estimated to have been involved in a physical fight in 2010.
• In Boston bars in 2011, 1 out of 5 bars reported fights every weekend.

If you have suffered injuries because you were the victim of an assault and battery, report the crime to your local police and seek medical attention.

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