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Automobile Accidents Statistics

Statistics for Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents can be quite distressing, often leaving you with injuries that will prevent you from returning to work for months, if not years. Under personal injury law, if you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, you may eligible for compensation. You may want to think about lawsuit settlement funding from USA Lawsuit Loans if you have a pending auto accident lawsuit and need a lawsuit cash advance. For low cost auto accident lawsuit funding call us today at 866-840-4498.

The following is a list of auto accident statistics in the United States. Because many automobile accidents go unreported, these statistics are just an estimate.

• There are more than 7,000,000 million car accidents annually, on average.
• 2005 saw more than 50,000 fatal car accidents, the most in one year in that decade.
• More than 2,500,000 people are injured as a result of auto accidents annually with roughly 1,800,000 of those injuries being permanent.
• 16-20 year olds have the highest accident rates.
• About 40% of fatal auto accidents are due to drunk driving.
• Large truck accidents account for 8% of the fatal accidents.
• In 2009 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were approximately 30,797 fatal accidents.
• Saturdays are the day of the week with the most car accidents, averaging 6,750 accidents.
• Tuesdays are day of the week with the fewest accidents, averaging 3,800 accidents.
• Daily, the hours with most accidents are between midnight and 3:30am.
• Normal weather conditions have the highest rate of fatal accidents with 13,508 fatal crashes in 2009.
• Rain and snow weather conditions account for 1,657 fatal accidents in 2009.
• California and Texas have the highest accident rates in the country.
• In a five year period, more than 25% of all car drivers were involved in auto accidents.

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Even if the injuries you sustained in an accident appear minor, be sure to seek immediate medical attention. Often times, you won’t feel the effect of a car accident until days after the accident has transpired; the sooner you are treated, the sooner you will recover. When an accident has occurred, USA Lawsuit Loans strongly advises you to photograph the scene and to obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. If you pursue a lawsuit, this information could prove helpful in winning your case.

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