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Structured Settlement FAQ’s

FAQ’s for Selling Structured Settlements

People with structured settlements often forget what’s most important: It’s your money. You have the power to decide how to use it and live the life you deserve. Our mission is to help you understand your options, determine what’s best for you, and if you choose, give you the most cash for your structured settlement payments, and get it done efficiently. USA Lawsuit Loans is a highly respected structured settlement funding company that cares about their clients and hopes to provide financial freedom for people that wish to sell a structured settlement. We understand you want the Lowest Rate and the Best Price when selling your structured settlement payments. USA Lawsuit Loans promises to give you upfront advice and fast structured settlement solutions without any obligations. Contact USA Lawsuit Loans today at 866-840-4498 or fill out our fast and easy online application to receive the best quote for the sale of your structured settlement.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answering regarding selling structured settlements:

What is a Structured Settlement?

A Structured Settlement is a formal contract given by an insurance company to pay out money awarded as the result of a lawsuit. Think of it as an installment plan under which the insurance company pays the award. The payments and term are negotiated and typically are developed for tax benefits. In many states, Structured Settlements may be sold to buyers for a lump sum.

Why do people sell a Structured Settlement?

While receiving money over time through regular scheduled payments for many people has tax advantages and provides regular income, it often doesn’t fit a changing lifestyle or address immediate needs. Many people choose to sell their structured settlement for a lump sum to fund children’s educations, buy a home, start a business, travel and other reasons.

What is a Structured Settlement Annuity?

Often referred as an insurance settlement, a Structured Settlement Annuity is a financial instrument used by insurance companies to pay the claimant’s reward, with a specified amount that includes interest and has a fixed payment schedule. The amount awarded is typically negotiated and structured to provide tax benefits.

Structured Settlement Annuities are legal contracts, but may be sold if desired.
To protect the consumer, the sale of a structured settlement annuity is reviewed by the court and approved by a judge to be deemed fair and in the consumer’s best interests.

What makes USA Lawsuit Loans unique?

We offer a nationwide marketplace for the sale of structured settlement annuities with an eye on service first. We understand it’s your money, and our primary objective is help to empower you to use it as you desire, while keeping the process efficient and painless. Should you desire to sell your structured settlement or annuity, we understand that your primary concern is to get the lowest rate and highest amount of cash. Within 24 Hours, we’ll provide you our Best Effort Quote.

What types of payments will I be able to sell?

Every structured settlement or annuity is unique, but they generally fall within four basic categories.

  • Payments from an insurance company
  • Payments as a result of a lawsuit or insurance settlement
  • Payments that are either guaranteed or life contingent
  • Payments that not the result of a workers compensation claim What types of payments may not be sold?
  • Workers compensation payments
  • Payments due to a minor child
  • Pensions
  • Social security payments
  • TIAA CREF payments
  • Mortgages
  • Pre-settlement cases
  • Viatical settlements
  • VA disability or pension
  • Other disability payments

What is a Structured Settlement Annuity?

A structured settlement annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company to fund the payment of damages for personal injury over a period of time. It is sometimes referred to as an insurance settlement. It guarantees you in the event of your death, your beneficiary, a tax free payment or a series of payments over a fixed period of time. Most structured settlements are the result of a lawsuit—they are payments resulting from a court action.

Is it legal for you to sell your Structured Settlement Payments?

Yes. You have the legal right to sell your structured settlement or insurance settlement payments.

Laws vary state by state, but most states have enacted a Structured Settlement Protection Act. These laws allow you to sell your payments if the following requirements are met:

  • You must be given full disclosure about the financial terms of your sale.
  • After signing documents, there is a mandatory waiting period before funding.
  • Some states also require you to seek independent professional advice.
  • In some states you can choose to waive this requirement.
  • For your protection, a hearing is held where a judge considers your case. This is where, after examining your financial situation, and learning what you want to do with the proceeds, he or she will approve the sale if it is in your best interests to sell the payments.
  • The judge must issue a court order approving the sale.

Can I sell just some of my Structured Settlement Payments or do I have to sell them all?

The choice of how much or how little to sell is up to you. You can sell some or all of your structured settlement payments. You can explore different payment combinations and get more than one set of price quotes to determine which course best meets your financial objectives and needs. In the event that you choose to sell only some of your payments, your insurance company will continue to pay you the payments which you still own, as due, according to the schedule defined in you agreement.

I’ve sold some of my payments in the past. Can I still pursue selling additional payments?

Yes. If you have sold some of your structured settlement payments in the past you can sell any remaining payments to which you are still a payee.

To learn how much your remaining payments are worth, all it takes is a Click, a Phone Call, or an Email to USA Lawsuit Loans for a Best Effort Quote within 24 Hours.

What are the tax consequences on the money I receive from the sale of my Structured Settlement Payments?

Your current tax liability will be unchanged. The money you receive from selling your structured settlement payments will be treated in the same manner as the payments you currently receive from your structured settlement annuity. This means that if you currently receive your payments tax free, the money you receive from selling your payments will also be tax free.

Remember, in most cases your Structured Settlement Annuity Payments are deemed tax free because your annuity was structured to qualify for tax free status under section 130 of the Internal Revenue Code. The U.S. Federal Government has taken several steps to insure that payments received for damages from personal injuries will be tax-free and is confirmed by Section 104(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally, in 2002 federal legislation was passed to protect payees in the sale of their structured settlement payments, and Section 5891 was added to the Internal Revenue Code. Pursuant to Section 5891, the sale of structured settlement payments requires court approval in accordance with the applicable laws and statutes of your state. As always, you are urged to seek legal and tax counsel, as this information is offered as courtesy and not as a substitute for professional guidance that will examine your specific circumstances.

Is the transaction risk free?

When selling a structured settlement, you do not give up your legal rights and are fully protected.

Until the transaction is completed, and the state waiting period is met, you have the right to cancel at any time.

As always, your case is governed by state and federal laws that protect you, and the judge’s order which the Funder must comply with completely.

After accepting an offer, what are the next steps and how long until I’m paid?

It’s your money, we understand you need to meet your financial objectives, and our goal is for you to receive it in the fastest time permitted by law.

  • You will receive Legal Documents within 24 hours by Fedex.
  • Time may be less if you choose to receive them by email or fax.
  • Until most circumstances, the Funder will conclude the mandatory court review and approval within 30 days. Our objective is to expedite the process as much as possible in your behalf, but times vary state by state.
  • Once approved and upon completion of the legal process, you will have immediate access to the money via a direct wire transfer into a bank account of your choice.
  • From quote to wire transfer, the process ordinarily takes between 30 and 45 days, and varies state to state. ,

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