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Do you have a pending breach of contract lawsuit and need litigation financing? If the answer is yes, you have found your solution with USA Lawsuit Loans. We specialize in settlement funding and post settlement loans for breach of contract lawsuits. We sympathize with you and understand that waiting for the extensive as well as expensive court procedures may not be your best option. To settle your breach of contract lawsuit may take years costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars. USA Lawsuit Loans is a legal funding company that assists attorneys and plaintiffs who are looking for affordable breach of contract litigation finance. Our settlement funding options are based on the merits and strengths of your lawsuit not your personal or business credit. Best of all, the litigation funding service USA Lawsuit Loans offers are non-recourse, this means that you repay your lawsuit settlement loan only if you win or settle your lawsuit, and otherwise the money is simply yours to keep. We assist you with low cost breach of contract lawsuit funding to help cover the cost of litigation or help you keep your business up float. Whether your breach of contract lawsuit is in the early stages or if your case has been appealed the lawsuit financing you need is just a click of phone call away. ContactUSA Lawsuit Loans today at 866-840-4498 and one of our knowledgeable and friendly commercial litigation funding consultants will be happy to answer all of your questions and take your application right over the phone. Your lawsuit cash advance may be ready in 48 hours or less, so stop the financial struggles and make the call today.
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Breach of Contract Litigation Funding

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A legal contract is an arrangement entered by two or more participants with the rationale of making a legal commitment, which often include conditions in writing. Legal agreements and contracts may be made orally. The resolution for breach of contract might be “damages” or even payments of money. In equity, the resolution could be a specific performance of the arrangement or an injunction in which the party originally agreed upon. Both of these solutions award the party at loss the expectancy of reparations, which is often greater than absolute reliance of the damages, for instance promissory estoppels. Litigating a breach of contract lawsuit is generally lengthy and extremely expensive. If you need financial help to litigate a breach of contract lawsuit USA Lawsuit Loans can offer you a lawsuit cash advance. It’s often the situation that a plaintiff surpasses their financial resources in litigation cost, USA Lawsuit Loans has assist a large number of plaintiffs by providing legal financing for their breach of contract lawsuits. Regardless of your personal credit or business credit you may certainly qualify for lawsuit funding.
There are actually 3 distinct and significant components necessary for a breach of contract to be taken into consideration, these are as follows:

1. An agreement no matter if it is written, expressed or perhaps totally implied
2. The defendant side breaches the contract in any manner
3. The damages implemented to the plaintiff as a result of the other parties not fulfilling their end of the agreement

Breach of Contract

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In a breach of contract certain lawful procedures ought to be achieved the same as any other lawsuit. Certain cases may be similar but definitely not every case is identical. The legal actions which are necessary can be complex, puzzling, and furthermore expensive. The following actions are required procedures for litigating a breach of contract lawsuit.

  • Filing the Grievance with the court: A grievance is the document presented to the courts identifying the breach of the contract. After you have filed a grievance for the breach of contract it is up to the courts to approve it.
  • Service of Grievance for the defendant: After the grievance is submitted a summons is the next legal steps that occurs which is provided to the defendant or defendants.
  • Response to Grievance from the defendant: The defendant otherwise defendants are lawfully mandated within 30 days that the summons is served to make an appearance at the courts request. During this time the defendant presents themselves before the judge and can potentially challenge the grievance against them.
  • Court Hearing of Challenges: It may be the cases where the defendant or defendants want a motion to strike. This motion is heard by the judge furthermore ruled upon according to the evidence presented before the courts permitting the case to move forward.
  • Discovery: Is the process of acquiring information relating to the plaintiff or defendant by means of investigation. Many of the factors the discovery may include are a selection of questions from each side.
  • The Admissions of Facts: Generally can be a summary of facts with proof to support the facts presented for each the plaintiff as well as defendant. The plaintiff and defendant shall be questioned with certainty if he or she agrees or disputes these facts which are in the admission.
  • The Request for Production: Enable you to subpoena crucial documents along with further documentation which you consider will assist your case in your advantage.
  • Depositions: Is a factual affirmation and sworn testimony (that is punishable by law when a person is found to be untruthful) received from the other party and/or witnesses which is normally recorded as court requirements.
  • Trial Setting: A judge is going to analyze each side of the case presented then determines whether the case is adequate for trial. When the courts presume the case is ready on both sides with suitable paperwork for a trial, a date is set.
  • Settlement Negotiations: Before the court date takes place occasionally the judge may require each the plaintiff and defendant to attempt to negotiate and try figure out their discrepancies, with the intention that the issue may be resolved out of court. Settlement discussions can take place at any period prior to the trial date therefore the predicament does not have to enter into court in the event that both parties may come to an agreement.
  • Trial: A number of cases agree to an arrangement in the settlement negotiations. However, when both parties remain in disagreement subsequently the case will have to go to trial. A trial is generally an ultimate resort which is usually the main approach to resolve the legal predicament at hand.

When a plaintiff files a breach of contract lawsuit they expect to be compensated for financial damages as well as for mental and physical suffering. The duration of time that is needed to litigate breach of contract lawsuits may take considerable time to be resolved and usually extremely expensive. Plaintiffs often look for alternative options such as lawsuit funding and legal financing to assist them with high cost of litigation. USA Lawsuit Loans provides both plaintiffs and attorneys with legal funding for breach of contract lawsuits throughout the United States and Canada. The breach of contract litigation funds you need are just a phone call or click away.
Why is breach of contract lawsuit funding from USA Lawsuit Loans your best choice?

  • We’ve provided funding for some of the biggest commercial litigation cases in the country
  • We guarantee the best rates
  • We offer non-recourse lawsuit funding, repay only if you win or settle your case
  • We work quickly to approve your lawsuit funds
  • Working funds to pay costly litigation
  • Money to grow your company
  • Money for purchasing a new vehicle
  • Money for your dream home

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USA Lawsuit Loans is a well-known and trusted legal funding company among the legal community. We are here to help you in all of your commercial litigation funding needs, whether you have settled your case or have a pending commercial lawsuit, the litigation financing you need is just a click or phone call away. USA Lawsuit Loans is ready to compete for your business. Take the first step today in getting your low cost commercial lawsuit funding and commercial litigation financing requests by filling out our fast and easy online application or by calling USA Lawsuit Loans at 1-866-840-4498. We look forward to assisting you with your commercial lawsuit funding litigation financing needs.

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