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People who have a structured settlement or are receiving annuities often forget the most important factor: it’s your money. You have the power to decide how to utilize it in order to live the life you deserve. If you are receiving a structured settlement or annuity payments and you find yourself interested in selling partial payments—or even your entire structured settlement—for a lump sum of cash, you should contact USA Lawsuit Loans. At USA Lawsuit loans, you will receive the most cash when selling a structured settlement or annuity payments. Buying structured settlements and paying the most money for your annuity payments is a specialty of ours: unlike most companies that buy structured settlements and take days to provide you with a quote, USA Lawsuit Loans will provide you with the best-structured settlement funding quote within mere hours of contacting us. This is our guarantee.

At USA Lawsuit Loans, we consider you a part of our family. If you want the most cash for your structured settlement and annuity payments, call us today at 866-840-4498 or fill out our fast and easy lawsuit loans online application. Click or call today for the best rates in structured settlement funding and the maximum cash for annuity payments.

How our structured settlements funding help you?

structured settlement is an arrangement of payments from a winning lawsuit or settled case received by a plaintiff and paid by an insurance company. The structured settlement payments are stretched out for a length of time rather than the plaintiff receiving a one-time lump payment.

Due to the state of the economy, insurance companies are favoring structured settlement payments over the conventional lump sum payment as the ideal method to pay off plaintiffs when they successfully win or settle their lawsuits. Although structured settlements are ideal for insurance companies’ purposes, plaintiffs often find themselves struggling financially with the small month-to-month portion of their settlement. Consequently, many of our clients with financial difficulties who receive structured settlements and annuity payments are choosing structured settlement funding as a way to cut out the middleman and receive a lump of cash.

USA Lawsuit Loans understands and cares about your financial situation. Paying you the most money for your structured settlement and your annuity payments is of paramount importance to us, so if you want the most money for your structured settlement and annuity payments, take the first step by contacting USA Lawsuit Loans today for fast structured settlement loans.


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