These are some of the things our customers have to say about us:

I normally don’t waste the time giving feedback to services I receive but I must tell you the cash I received from USA Lawsuit Loans was a life saver. I got hurt at my job and haven’t been able to return to work. I’m still battling with Workers Compensation to get the money they owe, in the mean time I couldn’t pay my rent and my car got repossessed. I was losing my mind and didn’t know what to do. I went online and found USA Lawsuit Loans and called them right away. The gentleman that answered the phone really made me feel like he cared about my situation. Two days later they wired $10,000 to my bank account, I was able to get my car back and catch up on my rent. All I can say is thank you USA Lawsuit Loans, I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for your help.

Hector Morales from Lawrence, MA

“I developed and patented a cellphone application and two years later I found out about a company who sold an identical application to a major cellphone provider for millions of dollars. A year into the lawsuit my lawyer suggested getting a commercial litigation loan. I called a few funding companies but their rates where way to high. A friend of mine gave me the phone number to USA Lawsuit Loans. Their rates were dramatically lower than all the other companies I had spoken with so I went ahead and applied for a loan. A few days later I was approved for $350,000. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to this get this money. I recommend anyone to this company.”

John Price from Los Angeles, CA

“USA Lawsuit Loans is by far the best company to work with. They were there to help me when no one else would help me after I was wrongfully terminated from work. They were quick to give me a $5,000 cash advance that I much needed. Thank you USA Lawsuit Loans for helping me and my family.”

Steve McCarthy from Detroit, MI

“I got into a really bad car accident and lost my left leg leaving my wife as the only one bringing home any income. With four kids and only one parent working things got tied up really quick. All of our credit cards where maxed out and we were 5 months behind on our mortgage. I was about to take the little money the insurance was offering for a settlement, I was that desperate. My attorney told me that I would be out of my mind to accept what the insurance company was offering. He told me that one of his clients got a pre settlement cash advance from USA Lawsuit Loans and he said that they would be able to assist me too. I called them and the next day I was approved for a $50,000. I am very grateful for the help I received from USA Lawsuit Loans.”

Sang Nguyen from Brooklyn, NY

“My next door neighbor’s dog attacked me when I was taking the trash out. I mean it was pretty bad, I had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance and lost three months of work. I needed some cash to catch up on some bills and found USA Lawsuit Loans online. I filled out their online application and within 30 minutes a representative gave me a call and took down all my information. They got in touch with my attorney and two days later I received my $3500 lawsuit loan. Man, I tell you this company is no joke, they work fast to get you the money you need. Six months later I called USA Lawsuit Loans and requested a $2000 loan. That same day they overnighted my money. These folks are great! If I need money again I will not hesitate to call them.”

Kevin Nicolson from Louisville, KY

“I’m a single mother of two who was rear ended by a drunk driver while sitting at a red light. Due to this accident I lost my job because I couldn’t go back to work. Next thing you know my kids and I got evicted. Thankfully my best friend allowed us to stay in a small guest room in her house. I have never been faced with a situation like this and didn’t know where to turn. A few weeks later I saw a commercial on TV from USA Lawsuit Loans claiming that they help accident victims that need money. I called and explained my situation to lady that answered my call, she took my application right over the phone. They were able to give a $25, 000 cash advance with my damaged credit, I really couldn’t believe it. USA Lawsuit Loans is really an angel from heaven. I was able to get back on my feet thanks to them.”

Heather Fitzgerald from Miami, FL