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Do you have a pending contraction accident lawsuit or a crane accident lawsuit while struggling to pay your bills because you are injured and can’t work? If you answered yes, USA Lawsuit Loans is the legal financing solution you’ve been looking for. USA Lawsuit Loans provides plaintiffs with low interest settlement loans and fast construction accidents lawsuit funding. Our personal injury funding services are not based on your credit or work history but rather on the strengths and merits of your lawsuit. Most importantly, our lawsuit cash advances are non-recourse. This means if you do not win or settle your construction accident lawsuit or crane accident lawsuit you don’t repay your lawsuit financing. The customer service you’ll experience at USA Lawsuit Loans will leave feeling like you are part of our family not just a loan number. We truly care about our customers’ needs, for this and many more reasons USA Lawsuit Loans is a preferred lawsuit funding company by some of the most prominent personal injury attorneys in the country. You may receive your construction accident lawsuit funding in 24 hours or less. Stop the harassing collection calls, pick up the phone and call USA Lawsuit Loans today at 866-840-4498 or fill out our fast and easy online application for a low crane accident settlement loans. The road to financial freedom is just click or phone call away, so don’t hesitate contact us today and receive your pre settlement funding the next day.

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Working in the construction field is often dangerous for the workers and laborers who are constantly faced with hazardous situations. A construction accident can occur when you least expect it, and these accidents are more frequent than you may have thought. In fact OSHA estimates more than 4 million construction accidents occurred in 2011 and out of those accidents 4609 workers lost their lives. While that same year crane accidents were responsible for 63 fatalities and out 63 deaths 42% were caused by falling objects. There are many reasons why construction accidents take place, the most frequent reason are falling objects, defected tools or machinery, unsafe equipment, and weather conditions. Unfortunately construction accidents and crane accidents related injuries can very severe preventing the victim from returning to work for years and in some cases the victim may never return to work. Construction accidents not only affect the victim but also their families who depend on victim’s income.

When a person suffers an injury as a result of a construction accident their employer may be held responsible for compensation under personal injury law. The injured employee may file a claim with the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. With the inability to return work and with bills continuously pilling up payments form workers’ compensation may not be enough. A lawsuit cash advance from USA Lawsuit Loans is the perfect solution for your financial problems while the construction litigation is finalized. USA Lawsuit Loans offers you cost effective construction accidents settlement funding to relief your financial stress. If you were a pedestrian who was injured by a fallen object from a crane and need financial assistance our crane accident lawsuit cash advances may be the financing solution you need.

Here is a list of the most common reason why construction accidents occur:

  • Unsafe working conditions: Slip and fall injuries are the most reoccurring injuries in the construction field. Hazardous conditions like uncovered holes and trenches, exposed stakes and rebars, as well as tripping over wires and cables.
  • Falling Hazards: Stepping sideways or backwards without looking into an open side floor; falling from stairwells without guardrails.
  • Misused of Stepladders: Falling from tripped-over stepladder; moving a ladder and tools falling on a worker’s head.
  • Roof Construction Falls: Lack of fall protection; anchors not being properly attached or more than one lifeline attached to an anchor.
  • Scaffolding Problems: Malfunctioning electric scaffolding; tools and materials falling from scaffolding.
  • Collapsed Excavation Walls or Trenches: The weight of the soil (on average 3000 L BS per yard) trapping a worker.
  • Power tools Accidents: Lack of eye and ear protection; not having proper guards on tools causing cuts and amputations.
  • Crane Accidents: Falling objects from crane; falling cranes.
  • Forklift Accidents: Driving or maneuvering a forklift with load raised; overloading a forklift causing it to tip over.

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When a person operates a forklift or a crane carelessly causing an accident and injuries they may held responsible along with the construction company they work for. The injured victim of a forklift accident or crane accident is entitled to receive compensation for their pain and suffering under personal injury law. The requirements to receive compensation for a crane accident differ from state to state. If you’ve been injured in a putting accident the first thing you must do is seek medical help. The second step would be to retain a personal injury attorney, and generally most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency base, meaning that you do not pay any money upfront and the attorney only collects when they win or settle your lawsuit. It is also advisable to keep all your medical records as well as the names and contact information from witnesses as this will help you and your attorney to present a much stronger case in court. You should also file a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Crane accident and forklift accident lawsuits can be very long usually lasting for years in litigation before a verdict or settlements are reached, and even after a settlement is reached compensations are never paid immediately. In fact, workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance companies use the technic of prolonging a crane accident and forklift lawsuit to force the plaintiff to settle for much less than they truly deserve. Sadly due to economic difficulties it is often the case that plaintiffs will accept a low offer to be able to maintain their financial responsibilities. We understand that with bills pilling up waiting for your crane accident and forklift accident lawsuit to settle may not be the best option, for this reason USA Lawsuit Loans may be the perfect solution while you wait for your lawsuit to settle. USA Lawsuit Loans offers you fast pre settlement funding for forklift accident lawsuits so you may have the finance you need to wait for your case to reach a favorable settlement. Give yourself and your attorney the negotiating power needed to get the highest settlement by contacting USA Lawsuit Loans for low interest crane accident settlement financing. We work fast to approve your lawsuit money because we know time is of the essence and we can have you funded within 24 hours. The lawsuit funding you receive from us can be used to pay bills, down payment on a new car, or for anything else you may need the money for, there’s absolutely no restrictions on how you spend your pre settlement loan. Contact us today for immediate financial relief.

Why is construction accident lawsuit funding from USA Lawsuit Loans your best choice?

    • We have no set limits on how much money you may borrow
    • We guarantee the best rates
    • We offer non-recourse lawsuit funding, repay only if you win or settle your case
    • We work quickly to approve your lawsuit cash advance
    • Funds to pay off debt
    • Money for purchasing a new vehicle
    • Money for your dream home
    • Money for a much deserved vacation

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If you are a plaintiff with debt pilling up as you wait for your construction accident lawsuit to settle and need a personal injury cash advance contact USA Lawsuit Loans for fast pre settlement loans and low cost construction accident settlement funding. The lawsuit cash advance you need may be disbursed to you within 24 hours. With our superb customer service, fast approvals, and low interest rates for plaintiff funding you will be glad you chose USA Lawsuit Loans as your litigation financing source. If you are receiving a structured settlement from a crane accident lawsuit and considering structure settlement funding you came to the right place. USA Lawsuit Loans guarantees to pay you the most money for your structured settlement, and of course we’ll match or beat any competitor’s quote. Whether you would like to sell your entire structured settlement or just partial payments we have the perfection options for you. USA Lawsuit Loans is name you can trust. In fact, we are recommended and prefer by some of the best personal injury law firms in the country. Receive your construction accident lawsuit loan by calling USA Lawsuit Loans today at 866-840-4498 or simply complete our fast and easy legal finance online application. We look forward to being your solution for your pre settlement funding and post settlement funding needs. USA Lawsuit Loans is ready to compete for your business, click or call today for the best rates for crane accident settlement funding.

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USA Lawsuit Loans is a highly respected lawsuit funding company that cares about the their clients and hopes to provide financial stability for people going through the extensive court processes associated in an construction accident lawsuit. USA Lawsuit Loans in addition provides litigation funding for: Pre Settlement Funding, Post Settlement Funding, Structured Settlement Funding, Commercial Lawsuit Funding, and Law Firm Funding.

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