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Are you a plaintiff with a copyright infringement lawsuit and need lawsuit funding to help you with the high cost of litigation? If you answered yes, USA Lawsuit Loans is the solution you’ve been searching for. We offer pre settlement funding and lawsuit cash advances for copyright infringement lawsuits. USA Lawsuit Loans provides plaintiffs and attorneys with low-cost litigation financing on a non-recourse base. This means the lawsuit cash advance we provide is repaid only if you win or settle your copyright infringement lawsuit, if your lawsuit does settle you are not liable to pay back your copyright litigation financing. USA Lawsuit Loans is one of the few companies that assist with your copyright infringement appellate cases. With our superb customer service and low interest rates for commercial lawsuit funding you will be glad you chose USA Lawsuit Loans as your legal funding source. USA Lawsuit Loans is name you can trust. In fact, we are recommended and prefer by some of the largest commercial litigation law firms in the country. Regardless of your personal or business credit the litigation financing you need is just a click of phone call away. Call USA Lawsuit Loans today at 866.840.4498 or fill out our easy only application for a fast lawsuit funding and low-cost lawsuit loans.

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Copyright Infringement Litigation Funding

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Copyright infringement is an escalating problem in the United States and most parts of the world. This issue is a result of the large number of emerging new corporations in conjunction to individuals stealing people’s work and ideas to make an easy profit. Criminal charges as well as a lawsuit may take place whenever an individual or corporation uses someone else’s work without permission. Napster is one of the many cases you might have heard of involving copyright infringement as a result of unlawful downloading of music, videos, and software without paying or having consent from the rightful owners. If you suspect you are a victim of the crime of copyright infringement you be entitled to compensation, you may also qualify for copyright infringement litigation funding. Upon engaging in a copyright infringement lawsuit you may find yourself in a financial pit.

The price tag of litigation for a copyright infringement lawsuit can set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are a plaintiff looking for copyright infringement lawsuit financing, you have come to the right place. USA Lawsuit Loans can assist you or your attorney with competitively rates for settlement funding as well as litigation financing. No matter of how simple or complex your copyright infringement case may be, we have a knowledgeable team of litigation funding consultants that work fast to approve your commercial lawsuit funding needs. If you need copyright infringement lawsuit funding don’t hesitate and contact USA Lawsuit Loans today.

Copyright infringement may include the following:

  • Products with copyrights that are manufactured without the permission or consent from the owner of the copyright
  • Copyright infringement of any literature, magazines, novels, newspaper, periodicals and publications
    Unlawful duplication of copyrighted material such video, software, games, and music from the internet utilizing pirating software or outlawed file sharing applications
  • Reproducing illegally copies (generally referred to as bootlegging) of CD’s, DVD’s of VCR cassettes with intent to sell
  • Plagiarizing context and copyrighted material from websites or blogs without the consent of the owner
  • The reproduction of goods and copyrighted ideas (inventions) with intent to make a profit without consent or permission from the owner
  • The intention of making a profit by manufacturing and selling of digital media which has been copyrighted by the owner without consent
  • Manufacturing copyrighted technology such as cellphones, computers, gaming systems, video games, and electronics without the consent of the owner and/or inventor.

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Copyright infringement lawsuits are often challenging and lengthy because it may be far from simple to show beyond a reasonable doubt the ownership of a product or intellectual property in a court of law. Perhaps this is your first time involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit and you may not be aware that it may take years before you win or settle your case. USA Lawsuit Loans can assist you with the copyright infringement litigation funds you need to help you keep the doors to your business open. If you need money to cover the high cost of litigation USA Lawsuit Loans has the ideal litigation financing solution.

It is often the case where the defense teams will intentionally prolong a copyright infringement lawsuit hoping the plaintiff will face a financial struggle, which will ultimately force the plaintiff to settle for much less than the lawsuit is worth. USA Lawsuit Loans helps attorneys and plaintiffs to maximize the settlement outcome of a copyright lawsuit by providing the much needed litigation finances one must have to leverage in the game of negotiations.
Benefits of Copyright Infringement lawsuit funding from USA Lawsuit Loans:

  • We’ve provided funding for some of the biggest copyright infringement lawsuits in the country
  • We guarantee the best rates
  • We provide non-recourse legal financing, your case does not settle we don’t collect
  • We work quickly to approve your lawsuit funds
  • Working funds to pay costly litigation
  • Money to grow your company
  • Money for purchasing a new vehicle
  • Money for your dream home

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When a plaintiff makes the decision to get litigation funding from USA Lawsuit Loans they are selecting a lawsuit funding company that goes the extra mile for their customers because we care about your needs. If you have a copyright infringement lawsuit and cannot wait for your lawsuit to settle, USA Lawsuit Loans can assist you with low interest litigation funding. We work fast to approve your copyright lawsuit cash advance. Your lawsuit loan may be available in 48 hours or less. Receive the lawsuit settlement funding you need today by completing our fast and easy legal funding online application or by calling USA Lawsuit Loans at 866-840-4498. We are happy to help you with your copyright infringement lawsuit financial necessities with our low cost litigation financing service and fast commercial lawsuit loans. Call us today you’ll be glad you did.

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USA Lawsuit Loans is a highly respected lawsuit funding company that cares about the their clients and hopes to provide financial stability for people going through the extensive court processes associated in a lawsuit. USA Lawsuit Loans in addition provides litigation funding for: Pre Settlement Funding, Post Settlement Funding, Structured Settlement Funding, Commercial Lawsuit Funding, and Law Firm Funding.
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