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Space requirement: 4 x 4 Square foot space
Water Requirement: for shop model machine require regular supply of water in this situation customer need to setup water tank for supply of water
Electricity supply required?: Yes machine need electricity for carbonated drinks.
1. Water
2. Electricity
3. Co2 Gas (Carbon dioxide)
The specific locations may vary depending on the type of business you have, but the goal is always the same: place the beverage machines in locations that will receive the most foot traffic and in areas that will be the most profitable.
It takes about 15 business days to have your soda vending machine installed and filled. Vending Solutions process for vending machine installation is simple and seamless.
Most soda vending machines run on 115 volts at about 10.5 amps. Most commercial grade three prong outlets will be acceptable to power a vending machine. Power consumption tends to run about 3.1 - 4.4 kWh/day for the lighting and 3.5 - 4 kWh/day for the refrigeration. The power consumption can vary depending on if the machine is placed outside or other extreme environment.
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